Recommended season: From January to end of March

The area around Pampa Linda and Tronador Peak allows us to plan more than one itinerary, extending or reducing the technical difficulty, and how many days according to each hiker’s needs. This traverse connects the heart of the National Park with the city of Bariloche along its ridges, valleys and peaks reaching its highest point at 2.060 m.a.s.l.

The recommended direction of this traverse and the way most people do it is to go from Colonia Suiza to Pampa Linda, 36 km. The main reason being it is an easier start and facing the majestic Tronador Peak, after each descent down to a valley and back up to the next ridge Tronador gets closer and closer.

To fulfil this traverse, completely wild and pretty exposed, where there are no services in the middle portion, it is mandatory to half lots of backpacking experience and be in great shape. Although generally it is well marked with red dots or cairns, it is often not easy to follow the trail so hiring a Certified Mountain Guide. s highly recommended. If deciding to go on your own we suggest you have a good map, GPS track to help the navigation. There are many sections on the high ridges above the treeline and in the open marshy grasslands with lots of strong solar exposure

The itinerary connects Colonia Suiza to Manfredo Segre Hut at Laguna Negra, then over a ridge, down and up to CAB or Lluvu Lagoon. Next leg takes you to Cretón Lagoon and finally up and round to Ilón Lagoon. Last leg is down to Pampa Linda.