Manfredo Segre Hut (Laguna Negra) - CAB lagoon (Lluvu)


High Difficulty

November - April
Very High (May - October)


8 km.

Elevation gain

640 m.


6 - 7 hs.

How to get there


Manfredo Segre Hut (Laguna Negra) – Open from November to April.

CAB Lagoon (Lluvu) – No services.

  • Recommended to go with a Mountain Guide
  • Fires are not allowed


The trail starts at Manfredo Segre Hut, also known as “Italia”, heading back and around the lagoon with a couple of scrambling sections which have a rope set in place to help out. From here it ascends to the ridge between Cerro Negro and the Bailey Willis peak. Great views of Tronador peak from here.

The descents is very steep, first on loose rocky terrain and later in a high lenga forest.  Once you get to the valley floor you contour around and cross the La Chata creek, ideal to load up water.

The trail here starts climbing again, there isn’t much vegetation so very exposed to the sun. Another half hour and you cross the Lluvuco creek, which comes from the CAB or Lluvu lagoon. It continues up and at the top there is a dense bamboo forest.

The next leg of the traverse connects to Cretón lagoon.

To improve the trekking experience, it is recommended to contact a Mountain Guide authorized by the AAGM (Argentine Association of Mountain Guides)