Otto Meiling Hut - Agostino Rocca Hut (Alerce Glacier Traverse)


Extreme Difficulty

All year round
(Mandatory with Mountain Guide)


5 km.

Elevation gain

480 m.


4 – 5 hs.
1 hour Alerce glacier crossing.

How to get there


Refugio Otto Meiling – Open from November to May

Refugio Agostino Rocca – Open from November to May



One way to join the Otto Meiling Hut and the Agostino Rocca Hut is by crossing the Alerce glacier. This requires specific technical knowledge and experience in this terrain. For this reason the Park service has determined this activity must be done with a certified Mountain Guide. Special technical equipment is required for this traverse (mountaineering boots, harness, helmet, ropes, crampons, ice axe). As you must cross a glacier in accumulation phase there are certain safety protocols to be followed, the main one being to rope up as a team.

Otto Meiling Hut – Agostino Rocca Hut along the valley:

An alternative to the glacier crossing is to descend from the Otto Meiling Hut towards Pampa Linda and a little before getting to the Castaño Overa river there is a sign and detour left which leads to the Agostino Rocca Hut. Roughly a km and you reach the Alerces river which you border along for around 5 km. where there is a bridge to cross.

From here the trail contours round a big marshland area on the left side, and soon after starts to gain elevation with some switchbacks towards the top. It continues up crossing some rocky creeks, and marshy areas until you arrive at a big open grass area which may be very wet or covered with snow early in the season. From here you should be able to see the Agostino Rocca Hut up above. Cross the marshland and follow the markings going left and in 5 minutes you are at the hut. From the Otto Meiling Hut the trail is 19 km. long.

The trail down to Pampa Linda is the same one, or you may continue on to Lake Frias and Puerto Blest along the “Paso de las Nubes” (“Clouds pass”) traverse.You can also connect with a trail going to Ilón lagoon.