Ilón lagoon (Mirada del Doctor) - Agostino Rocca Hut (Paso La Marca)


High Difficulty

November - April
Very High (May - Octubre)


14 km.

Elevation gain

400 m.


7 -8 hs
One extra hour if you detour towards Mirada del Doctor lookout

How to get there


Ilón (Dome) Campground – Open all year round. Reservations are mandatory for camping and overnight stays in domes.

Agostino Rocca Hut – Open from November to May

  • Hire a Mountain guide is recommended.
  • Long hike so leave early, check daylight hours.
  • Take plenty water.


The trail starts next to the Ilón camping area along the beach going round on the left, the same trail that takes you to the Mirada del Doctor lookout. After an hour roughly you reach the junction with a sign, take a left if not going to the lookout (an extra hour), the trail follows light blue markings, ascending gently up towards the Mar de Piedras peak, contouring below it on the south side. The trail exits the forest and up a rocky trail for a while, look for cairns as well, once at the top there is another incredible view of Tronador peak, this is “Paso La Marca”. Then the trail descends into a lenga and coihue forest due North and will start climbing again up a shoulder coming off Constitucion peak. Close to the top you may be able to spot on your right and far in the distance the Huaca lagoon.

Once above the tree line the trails goes left and back down a different shoulder, through different clearings and into the lenga forest again to join into the trail coming up from Pampa Linda, 500 mts. before reaching the Agostino Rocca Hut.

Bear in mind this trail has two pretty hard sections of uphill and downhill making it quite long and physically strenuous.

The trail can also be done in the opposite direction, from Agostino Rocca Hut to Ilón lagoon.

From the Agostino Rocca Hut you can go down to Pampa Linda  or you may continue on to Lake Frias and Puerto Blest along the “Paso de las Nubes” (“Clouds pass”) traverse.

To improve the trekking experience, it is recommended to contact a Mountain Guide authorized by the AAGM (Argentine Association of Mountain Guides)