This excellent traverse became famous due to a Trail Running race “Carrera de los 4 refugios” organized by the Club Andino Bariloche every year. It is an ideal trip for those who are very experienced and looking for both a technical and physical challenge.

It is 46 km long in total and connects the 4 most emblematic huts of the Nahuel Huapi National Park, with a strategic access at the Southern end of the city of Bariloche. You may cover only part of the full traverse. Overnights are at the huts or camping in the areas next to them.

The trail begins at the base of the Catedral ski resort heading up to the Emilio Frey Hut along its traditional trail, continues on to Schmoll Lagoon up to the “Football field” close to the Cathedral Peaks ridge. From here descends down to the valley of the Rucaco creek, after a short while along the valley climbs up to the Brecha Negra ridge and down to the Jakob Lagoon and San Martín Hut, From here another climb up towards the Schweizer pass, and “Inocentes Peak”, contour round to summit on the Navidad Peak, the highest on the traverse and the most technical section on the whole traverse. Then descend down to join the trail coming from Colonia Suiza and up the switchbacks to Manfredo Segre Hut, (Laguna Negra). From here another climb up to the Bailey Willis, down to the Goye creek basin and back up some loose scree to the Lopez ridge with more incredible views. A long hike down, passed the López Hut on the way to reach the road on “Circuito Chico” to Colonia Suiza.