Piedra de Habsburgo trail - Otto peak


Low Difficulty



4 km.
(one way from the summit of Otto peak)

Elevation gain

85 m. from the summit of Otto peak.

350 m. if you hike up from km 1 of Av. Pioneros

Tiempo de Marcha

2 hs. (ida y vuelta)

5 - 6 hs. (ida y vuelta desde la base en el km.1)

How to get there


From downtown Bariloche:

Taking the gondola lift to the summit.
Important: The ticket for the gondola includes the transfer from town to the base at km 5.

Bus: Line 50 or 51. Get off at the base of the “Teléferico Cerro Otto” at km. 5 of Av. Pioneros.

SUBE card needed to pay bus fare. Check timetable.

By car: Take Av. Pioneros to km. 5 where the base of the “Teleferico Cerro Otto” is located with free parking.

Ascending by car up to the summit:
You can ascend along the same route indicated for cars, starting at Km. 1.
You can also go up from Km. 4.5 of Avenida de los Pioneros (in front of the La Anónima Supermarket). It is a trail without good marking and it crosses private properties. If you access this route, it is MANDATORY to complete the TREKKING REGISTRATION.

Ascending by foot to the summit:
Follow the same  instructions as for cars from km. 1 or take a trail which starts at km 4.5 Av. Pioneros (opposite the “Anónima” supermarket)


Teleférico Cerro Otto – Subject to weather conditions and operation

Berghof Hut – Access by car or on foot. Open all year round.

  • Pay attention while walking, there are lots of forks along the trail and easy to get lost.
  • The entrance to the Cerro Otto complex and Revolving Cafeteria has an entrance fee.
  • WINTER: During winter season the area it is NOT accessible since the trails are covered in snow and ice. Part of these trails belong to the Nordic Ski Center, and are intended exclusively for cross-country skiing.
  • Bear in mind that in winter the road up to the summit may be cut off due to snow accumulation.


This is an easy hike if you start at the summit of Cerro Otto, as it is pretty flat and short.

If you rode up with the gondola, you exit the complex and head South down some stairs and join the trail in the forest that takes you to the “Piedra de Habsburgo” in roughly an hour.

For those walking or riding a car up, the trail starts next to the parking lot, just South and into the forest. The lookout point has great views of Catedral peak and the Gutierrez lake.

Half way along the trail there is a gate which you must cross, though entering private land it is allowed. Along the way there are a couple of short detours right which reach great viewpoints.

From the Habsburg rock take the same trail back to Cerro Otto complex.

If you walk or ride a car up you will go past the Berghof Hut which is well worth a visit.

Important: access to the Cerro Otto Complex and the revolving restaurant requires an entrance fee although you walk or take a car up.

To improve the trekking experience, it is recommended to contact a Mountain Guide authorized by the AAGM (Argentine Association of Mountain Guides)