Gutiérrez lake area - Lake Gutiérrez lookout


Low Difficulty

All year round


1.5 km. (round trip)
+ 3 km. from Villa Los Coihues.

Elevation gain

180 m.


2 hs. (return trip)
+ 2 hs. from Villa Los coihues (return trip)

How to get there


From downtown Bariloche:

Bus. Líne 50. Get off at Villa Los Coihues, in front of the lake. Follow the road that borders the lake for 3 km. to the trailhead.

SUBE card needed to pay bus fare. Check Timetable.

By car. Follow signs to Lago Gutierrez and Villa Los Coihues, after crossing a bridge and next to the lake the road forks, take a left contouring round the lake to the trailhead and Park Rangers Office. Free parking.

  • If walking from Villa los Coihues pay attention to cars and bicycles.
  • On the trail watch there is a bike crossing.
  • Follow the signs and stay on the trail.
  • Steep trail with lots of roots. Have good shoes as it’s easy to slip on loose or muddy terrain.


The trailhead is very well marked, very close to the Park Rangers Office. The trail is wide and pretty flat following the Pescadero creek. It is a self-guided trail with interesting information about the Patagonian Andean forest and its natural development.

Pay attention to the signs and stay on the trail. Also be aware of roots, rocks or branches which may make you trip. Watch out for a bike trail that crosses close to the start of the trail.

After roughly 500 mts. you will reach a fork, take a left, the right goes to the Elves waterfall, also worth seeing. The trail gradually gains elevation, the next fork go right (left goes to Muñoz beach and the Emilio Frey Hut)- This last part is pretty steep and lots of roots so pay attention.

The lookout has a great panoramic view of the lake and all the surrounding peaks.

Follow the same trail down, pay attention to the different forks not to get lost.

To improve the trekking experience, it is recommended to contact a Mountain Guide authorized by the AAGM (Argentine Association of Mountain Guides)